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"I love that Negotiating the Terms is sharing an inside look into the stories, experiences, and ideas of awesome young women in VC. " - Lolita Taub, Backstage Capital

Why Negotiating the Terms?

Creating a one-stop resource

When people reach out to VCs, they often ask the same set of exploratory questions: What's the best background for venture? Why early, growth or late stage? You can probably find this information in the occasional Medium post and tweet thread. NTT has aggregated  thoughtful answers from women on the investing, operating, and platform side. Get the most out of coffee chats by starting your diligence process here.

For the next wave of female investors

Less than 10% of VC partners are female. In 2017, 2% of venture funding went to female founders. This lack of diversity causes serious, compounding effects - from limiting capital access for minority entrepreneurs to signaling venture as an inaccessible career path. Alongside All Raise and Femstreet, NTT brings greater visibility to the growing community of young women in VC by elevating their stories and sharing their challenges.